Paul Walker’s Brother Spotted Cleaning Out Boxes From His Home

So sad! Paul’s younger brother, Cody, was spotted packing up items from the late actor’s home after he tragically died in a car crash on Nov. 30.

Paul Walkers family and friends have been grieving his loss after the actor was reportedly burned alive in a horrific accident. It must be so hard for Paul’s family to handle the fact that he’s really gone, but on Dec. 4, his younger brother, Cody Walker, made the first step toward acceptance by removing items from his late brother’s home in Santa Barbara, Calif. Read on for more details.


Paul Walker’s Brother Cody Cleaning Out Star’s Home After His Death — So Sad

Cody was photographed outside Paul’s home loading up an entire car full of his brother’s belongings, including a surf board, a rifle/shotgun, and several boxes. Cody, who embarked on a solo mission to pack up Paul’s home, must have been touched to see the many bouquets of flowers that had been laid in front of the gate to his brother’s home.

Paul’s neighbor, who was passing by the house, stopped to give Cody a comforting hug, which he looked like he really needed.

We’re so glad poor Cody had someone to lean on for support, as it was probably very hard for him to go through his brother’s items on his own.

Paul Walker’s Daughter Seen After Losing Father

Paul’s 15-year-old daughter, Meadow Walker, who was living with her father in California at the time of the accident, was spotted on Dec. 4 for the first time since the tragedy. She looked visibly upset as she wandered outside the family’s home with her arms crossed.

Thankfully, she is being comforted by close family and friends, including Paul’s girlfriend, Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnellwho broke the sad news to her.

“Friends have flown in to be with her. She is in okay spirits and dealing with it the best she can for a 15-year-old,” a source told E! News of Meadow.“Everyone is taking it hard, but there has been a large outpouring of love and support for the family,” the source explained.

Our thoughts are with Cody, Meadow, and the rest of Paul and driver Roger Rodas’ families.

– Julianne Ishler

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